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Managing Business Globally

The purpose of the study
The purpose of the post-graduate study: Managing Global Business, conducted in English, is to provide knowledge, skills and competences facilitating managing and functioning in a global, highly turbulent business environment, contributing to better understanding, reasons and consequences of dynamic change.

Graduate profile
A graduate of the post-graduate study on Managing Business Globally, conducted in English, can work naturally in an international environment, collaborating and communicating in English with foreign partners. As a result of acquired knowledge and practical skills, a graduate can manage business projects, lead intercultural teams, negotiate financial and legal conditions of contracts and solve problems, successfully achieving goals both in a domestic and global environment. After completing all modules (passing the final exam or the presentation of a project), she/he has qualifications for managing various businesses on an international scale. Graduates are awarded with a special certificate issued by the Ministry of High Education in Poland.

Addressees of the study
The post-graduate studies on Managing Business Globally are open to graduates of tertiary-level institutions, who have obtained a BA, BSc, MA, MSc diploma from any university, know English language at FCE, B2 or higher level and need or intend to acquire knowledge about how to manage businesses in the global and highly turbulent, permanently changing environment in the era of ICT. The program is designed for those who have not graduated from management and/or economics and want to change their qualifications to be more competitive on the global labour market. Candidates from Poland, EU and other countries are warmly welcomed.


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The post-graduate program is conducted in English and offers theoretical knowledge and practical insight into how businesses operate in a global environment. Participants become acquainted with English terminology related to various aspects of business management globally. They are able to develop knowledge and skills that are useful in running international operations. Apart from participating in workshops and listening to the lectures, they develop business-related communication skills through taking active part in debates and discussions, conducted both by academic teachers and practitioners. The course starts from a comprehensive insight into economic, management and globalization issues, then provides an opportunity to develop business communication skills through workshops dedicated to international negotiations and Business English classes. Participants learn how to manage global human capital and international project teams, draw up business contracts following legal regulations and are aware of the financial and logistic consequences. The significant contribution of practitioners to the course facilitate better understanding of business processes both in the real and virtual world. Graduates of the course on Managing Business Globally, apart from enriching their business communication skills gain theoretical and practical knowledge enhancing their competitive advantage in the management labour market.

prof. Doroty Simpson

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