Stopień II

Master Study
studia II stopnia

3-semester studies (1.5 years)

Logistics supports effective and efficient supply chain management by integrating the flow of materials and goods from the initial purchase of raw materials through to final delivery of a product to customers. Supply chain management involves purchasing, materials management, inventory control, warehousing, transport and distribution. Global Logistics students will be introduced to the supply chain, both in theory and in practice.

The Global Logistics studies introduces students to all the key aspects of logistics management, providing a framework within to develop a deep understanding of the subject applicable to a wide range of industries. Additionally, traditional aspects of business, such as leadership, strategy, financial decision making and marketing are included. The studies explores different ways that the management of logistics can significantly contribute to wealth creation, competitiveness, and to the advancement of individuals and society.

The Global Logistics specialization teaches you to develop strategic business processes in logistics management, and understand their relationship to the global distribution of goods and services. The studies will enhance your ability to analyze international logistics systems and strategies in relation to organizational goals and relationships.

UBA Gdynia cooperates with many reputable industry companies, thanks to that students gain knowledge directly from practitioners. Lectures are conducted by specialists in particular fields, from companies such as: Nagel-Group, C. Hartwig Gdynia S.A., Uni-logistics Sp. z o.o. Gdynia, Eurotrans, ATC Cargo S.A., Port Gdynia S.A. Case studies come from the daily activities of TSL companies. Study visits take place in logistics centers, ports, transport facilities, traffic control centers, e.t.c.

Students of UBA Gdynia have access to courses on the e-learning platform, webinars, or specialized applications, e.g. on barcode standards. They can also gain international certificates in the GS1 system standards, thanks to the university's cooperation with the GS1 Polska Foundation in Poznań.

Logistics at UBA Gdynia is also the activity of students in the science club NKL TIR (click to check). Members, as part of the classes, are able to go for study visits to enterprises and plants to which access is not possible on a daily basis.

Successful completion of this studies leads to senior management careers as:

  • Logistics Business Development,
  • Logistics and / or Supply Chain Analyst;
  • Logistics Management Consultant,
  • Logistics Project Manager;
  • Global Business or International Consultant.

Global Logistics graduates will get Master Degree diploma in Management.


    • monthly cost of studies
    • 672 PLN full-time studies (672 PLN external)

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Practical studies

Studiuj na kierunku Logistyka w WSAiB


Krzysztof Ficoń

Your lecturers


  • Port Gdynia S.A.

  • Polpharma S.A.

  • C. Hartwig Gdynia S.A.

  • Eurotrans

  • ATC Cargo S.A.

Studenci przyjmowani na praktyki i staże mają możliwość zdobycia często pierwszych, praktycznych umiejętności oczekiwanych przez potencjalnych pracodawców. Wiem jak ważne jest przygotowywanie kompetentnych i nowoczesnych kadr dla przedsiębiorstw funkcjonujących w obszarze gospodarki morskiej.

Janusz Jarosiński

b. Prezes Zarządu/Dyrektor Naczelny Portu Gdynia S.A.

Absolwenci kierunku są przygotowani do pracy zarówno w firmach prywatnych, jak i sektorze państwowym.

  • Firmy logistyczne
  • Centra spedycyjne
  • Firmy transportowe
  • Porty
  • Centra przeładunkowe
  • Piony logistyczne

You can choose one additional language

  • English

    A1 or B2 level

  • Spanish


  • German


  • Russian


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