Hospitality Management

first degree studies

Major description

Hospitality Management is a specialization for students who would like to work on managerial positions in hotels, resorts and lodging industry.

All the subjects of the specialization have been designed to prepare students to run all vital aspects of the guest experience. Students develop their skills in the fields of communication, customer service operations, hiring new staff and maintenance of facilities, with special focus on principles of sustainability.

All these specific aspects of Hospitality Management, along with basics of general management, constitute a solid foundation to become a successful manager not only in a hotel, but also in all other places where customers are called guests, such as hostels, casinos, cruise ships or restaurants. Hospitality industry has been undergoing rapid changes as a consequence of modern business models based on sharing economy concept, IT innovations, rise of global online travel agencies and growing popularity of short-term rentals. These contemporary challenges create a need for managers with a new and unique set of skills that represents a combination of traditional guest experience focus and modern leadership in hypercompetitive environment. Modern curriculum of the specialization is a response to these challenges and gives students an opportunity to pursue their dreams and become successful managers in the field of hospitality.

The language of the specialization is English.

We guarantee that the tuition fees will not increase and will remain the same to the end of the studies.

Ways to study

The classes take place on three days of the week – Monday to Wednesday.

The classes take place on every other weekend.


Your lecturers

In every one of my students I see a future Manager. That is why I attach so much value to work based on proven business models. The Case Studies system used by us teaches analytical thinking. I care that my students are able to draw conclusions independently and usethem in developing effective management strategies.

DSc Wiesław Czyżowicz, UAB Associate Professor,

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We cooperate with…

Pomorski Employers together with the University of Business and Administration implement measures to help connect the scientific activities of business, such as the organization of conferences, seminars and student placements.

Dr. Zbigniew Canowiecki
Chair of the Pomorski Employers Organization

More information

  • Pracodawcy Pomorza

    The Pomorski Organization of Employers

  • Perfect Consulting

    training, coaching

  • Polpharma S.A.

    a medicine factory

  • Federal Mogul Bimet

    car manufacture incl. Audi, Alfa Romeo

  • Infobrokering

    marketing solutions for business

Our students are well prepared to work in international companies and national companies which are connected with foreign markets.

  • sales departments
  • marketing departments
  • quality control departments
  • logistic centres
  • financial centres

You can choose one additional language.

  • English – A1 or B2 level
  • Spanish – A1 level
  • Russian – A1 level
  • German – A1 level

Frequently asked questions

The documents from the candidates for both full-time and part-time, Bachelor, Master and uniform Master studies for winter semester enrollment are accepted by the Department of Recruitment from 17.04.2023 to 30.09.2023. On all majors apply both the limited places and submission order.

The matura exam score or the selected courses is not the deciding factor for enrollment in the Bachelor studies. Only the matura certificate is needed to enroll. The deciding factor is the submission order. The candidates are excepted to register on-line and submit all documents.

Poland follows the Bologna system which means that all alumni of Bachelor or uniform Master studies are allowed to enroll in any Master major without making up for the program differences. The deciding factor in enrollment in the Master studies is also the submission order and submission of all documents.

Please send the payment to this account:
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The enrollment fee is not refunded in case of resignation form studies.

After receiving the documents from the Department of Recruitment, please fill them in and send them to the University address by post.