Applicant’s Frequently Asked Questions

The recruitment fee for the EU and Eastern Partnership candidates is 100 euro and 200 euro for the non-EU candidates.

The payment should be made to the following bank account:
Bank account data:
Santander Bank Polska S.A
00-854 Warszawa
Al.Jana Pawła II 17
IBAN: PL37 1090 1102 0000 0001 5094 4532
Bank account holder Data:
Wyższa Szkoła Administracji i Biznesu
im. Eugeniusza Kwiatkowskiego w Gdyni
81-303 Gdynia, ul. Kielecka 7,
NIP: 586-10-08-342
Purpose of payment: opłata wpisowa+ indicate the name and surname in Latin letters
Download the bank transfer confirmation and send it to us by e-mail at international@wsaib.pl This is the „fee pay confirmation”.

You should pay for the first semester of studies (with confirmation of payment) before coming to the University. This is frequently required to satisfy Embassy’s/Consulate’s requirements to issue a visa.

  • Photo must be like for European Union / Republic of Poland ID photo:
  • Three quarter profile
  • Left ear to be shown
  • The size is 35 x45mm
  • White background
  • No jewelry such as earrings
  • Head size – 70-80%
  • Full list of requirements is presented at this webpage: https://www.gov.pl/web/gov/zdjecie-do-dowodu-lub-paszportu

No, you don’t need it certified. Scan copy is enough. Although you will have to present the original document when you first visit the University.

Travel medical insurance with a minimum insurance amount of EUR 30,000, valid for the period of the planned stay of a foreigner on the territory of the Republic of Poland, covering all expenses that may arise during the stay in this territory in connection with the necessity to travel back for medical reasons, the need for urgent medical assistance, emergency hospital treatment or with death, in which the insurer undertakes to cover the costs of the insured person for health services directly to the entity providing such benefits, on the basis of an invoice issued by that entity – in the case of entry on the basis of a national visa.

You need to have a student visa. When the application procedure will be finished – the University will present you with the Invitation for that visa. After you come to Poland you must apply for Residence Permit Card at the Voivodeship Office for Foreigners.