Studies on-line

On-line studies in WSAiB Gdynia

On-line part-time studies at WSAiB of E. Kwiatkowski in Gdynia is a proposal for people who are interested in starting distance learning (via the Internet). It is a modern and flexible study formula that meets all legal requirements.

Studies via the Internet – faculties

The on-line studies offer includes Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree on the faculties:

Management (conducted in Polish)

Management (conducted in English)

Finance and Accounting (conducted in Polish)

Logistics (conducted in Polish)

Administration (conducted in Polish)

On-line studies classes are conducted remotely on the dates provided in the plan. In a semester, 2 obligatory didactic meetings take place at the headquaters of the university.

In terms of quality, on-line studies are identical to studies carried out at the headquarters of the university in a traditional way – this is an offer of high educational standards. A graduate of on-line studies receives a diploma of part-time studies.

Thanks to the on-line study offer on the faculty of your choice, you can combine various life roles, including childcare, job duties, living abroad or in a remote part of Poland, as well as studying on other faculties and having a tight schedule of the day.

On-line studies in WSAiB mean:

WSAiB ensures:

Admission process

Admission for studies takes place via the questionaire on our website

Bachelor’s Degree on-line

You don’t need to move to a large academic city to start your studies. WSAiB in Gdynia offers Bachelor’s Degree on-line studies. This solution is dedicated to people who do not have time for regular meetings. On-line classes also allow you to save a lot, for example on renting of an apartment. At the same time, the diploma obtained by a graduate of on-line bachelor studies is equivalent to the title obtained in full-time or part-time mode.

Even though on-line first-cycle studies are convenient, they require a lot of self-discipline from the student. Knowledge is transferred using a special platform, and students must systematically read the literature indicated by the lecturer and perform assigned tasks. On-line studies don’t mean learning less.

Master’s Degree on-line

On-line Master’s Degree studies are a solution for people who want to develop the competences acquired during their first-cycle studies and at the same time pursue their professional career. The on-line formula allows you to reconcile studies with full-time work, and also save a lot of time on commuting. This formula of continuing education is also dedicated to people who want to increase their competitiveness on the labor market without having to resign from employment.

Thanks to the wide range of education offered by WSAiB, graduates of Bachelor’s Degree studies can choose to study on Master’s Degree on-line in a field other than the current one. This is a way to gain thorough preparation for a new profession that is not related to your current career path.