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studia I stopnia

Students of the first degree studies in Management acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of management sciences and related sciences concerning the nature, accuracy and problems of functioning in enterprises and public institutions.

During these studies they acquire the ability to recognize, diagnose and solve problems relating to the management of human resources, physical and financial, according to the information at hand. They acquire managerial qualifications necessary to manage a manufacturing or service company and human resources in units of government and local administration.

Knowledge of economics, accounting and finance, broadened by issues in logistics and marketing, allows graduates to independently evaluate the company's financial situation and to take care of its permanent development. Management skills and strategic planning enable graduates to undertake such activities to better a company's market position.

An additional advantage of these studies are: English language instruction and the opportunity to study in an international group of students; they provide excellent preparation for working in international companies.

The graduate will acquire a BA degree in Management and will be prepared to work in:

  • international enterprises,
  • international trade companies,
  • agencies and public offices handling international business entities,
  • international companies represented in Poland.

Management Faculty specializations


    • monthly cost of studies
    • 720 PLN full-time studies (720 PLN external)

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Practical studies

prof. WSAiB, dr hab.

Wiesław Czyżowicz

Your lecturers


  • Pracodawcy Pomorza

    The Pomorski Organization of Employers

  • Perfect Consulting

    training, coaching

  • Polpharma S.A.

    a medicine factory

  • Federal Mogul Bimet

    car manufacture incl. Audi, Alfa Romeo

  • Infobrokering

    marketing solutions for business

Pomorski Employers together with the University of Business and Administration implement measures to help connect the scientific activities of business, such as the organization of conferences, seminars and student placements

dr Zbigniew Canowiecki

Chair of the Pomorski Employers Organization

Our students are well prepared to work in international companies and national companies which are connected with foreign markets

  • sales departments
  • marketing departments
  • quality control departments
  • logistic centres
  • financial centres

You can choose one additional language

  • English

    A1 or B2 level

  • Spanish


  • Russian


  • German